Saturday, January 3, 2015

play, pause, forward

Isn't it weird how sometimes you feel that time has just stopped? as if you could hit a pause button and decide when to press play..

I wonder.. if we COULD manipulate our time, if we really could press pause and play and go back and forth, what would we do with such power? because I am guessing we would all want to see what happens to us in the future.. the thing is.. if we don't like it what would we do to change it? i mean if we could go forward in time and see that it sucks then we would go back and change what exactly (?)

We never know where our life will take us, what our decisions make of us, who stays and who goes, where we will be. But if we could.. I would say that what ever we see in that glimpse of our future.. we deserved it..

If it is what we do and who we are that defines our future, then simply do better, grow, make changes, smile, be happy, but do it NOW.. the present is the only thing that we can kind of manage; and if it is what we do now that will make us into what we will be tomorrow.. then i'd say start NOW.

Don't be afraid of change and growth as long as it is on that path you wish to be in your future, be what ever you wish to be and do what ever makes you happy.. but i will say this.. the key word is "DO", because believe me when I say that it won't come to you if you just sit around and wait..

Stop laying in bed dreaming and leaving those dreams there.. wake up, get up and DO something to fulfill them..

So go ahead and dream big, smile big and BE big :)

PS.the sky is the limit.


Friday, October 17, 2014

Walk the Talk

I often think about the phrase "practice what you preach", don't you have that one person (if not more) in your life that "talks the talk" but doesn't "walk the walk"?.. 

I find this pretty intriguing because usually this person is SO "secure", considers himself so "mature", he believes that he is a person that can speak to others, help others because of his experience.. almost like preaching; and you listen to this person from the outside and you wonder if that person believes what he says (?).. and then you say.. how can this person believe it if he doesn't apply it (?).

How can people sell a product that they don't consume? How can someone miserable talk about happiness? How can you talk to everyone about how beautiful marriage is and a) not be in one, or b) say you will never ever get married..? How can you go everywhere talking about how bad alcohol is for you and then go get drunk every day?
Is it that they don't see themselves in the mirror? Do they not listen to the words they say? is it hypocrisy? 

This makes me wonder every time someone talks to me about happiness, love, family, marriage and so many.. lets say..profound and important topics; I wonder.. is this person talking by experience? or just because he think he knows? I start to question every word, I start to ask myself, is this person really happy or does he just want me to believe he is so his words can have the effect he wishes? 

So many times it has happened that I practically fall in love with a speech, testimony or simple words that I hear from someone I know, and I find them breath tacking and life changing.. just to figure out some time later that that person doesn't even apply what he says, the words I fell in love with meant nothing to him.. and yet they meant so much to me..

I wonder if it would be a bad idea to make a video of that person in one of his speeches and then ask him to watch it every time he doesn't live by his words (?).. I guess it would be annoying since you would constantly be using some kind of version of "I told you so".. But would he then notice and change some things?

But.. I guess what really matters is the effect words cause on you and not on the person that says them.. but yet you kind of wish they had the same effect on them.. I guess that kind of makes me sad.

So if you wish to help others, help yourself first.. Love yourself, be happy with yourself, live the fullest life and i assure you you will love, help and transmit happiness to all around you.. 

Tip of the day: Practice what your preach.


Sunday, September 21, 2014


I truly believe we are the makers of our destiny.. Well, maybe not entirely, but we surely are dealt the cards and we get to choose whether or not to play them or change them, we get different paths and chose the one we want to follow.. So we get our options from the universe and we choose which one we would like, so you could say we play the biggest part in our destiny.

Sometimes we believe our lives are just terrible, and that nothing could go worse.. but you see, once again, we are the ones that choose our path, our present and future. You could either lay in your bed and cry about how terrible everything is OR you could just swim back up to the surface and take a new breath (always think about the alternative).

Sometimes things really look crappy but i do like to believe how everything happens for a reason, i do believe we can always make the best out of every sad day, anger, fight, and so on. I do believe it is our choice to stay miserable or look for the silver lining, the bright side, and just put on a smile and go on.

Sometimes we think we know where we will be in 5 years, but the truth is it is only based on what you want today, maybe tomorrow you would like something different and re-evaluate where you want to go, who you want to be. Do we REALLY know where we will be in our future? sometimes we just think we do, and the universe opens complete different doors and we end up doing something completely different then what we expected.

The important part of all this is to always remind ourselves that our time wasn't lost. Just because you worked for something and in the end it didn't work out, doesn't mean that it was all a waste, always look for what you gained in that time and i assure you you WILL find something. You always gain something positive, whether it was experience, growth, new friends, visited new places, did something you thought you would never do, tried something you thought you would never try.. Not all is a loss just because you fell..

All you have to do is get back up, look at the cards, and pick a new play.


Saturday, September 20, 2014


I guess that when we meet new people, what we really get to see is a facade.. we show people what we want to show, we create some kind of facade.. a front wall where we paint our qualities and our good side (well because why would we enjoy showing around strangers our problems and fears?), even if they are not strangers, if you don't want to be asked what's wrong all the time then.. facade it is.

So when we look at it that way.. when we meet someone we like, our "love at first sight" or how ever you like to call it, what we fall in love with is actually something that is not, something that that person wants us to see, what that person thinks would be best for you to see, because who would want to show all the bad things right away?

I'm guessing that's why the first part of a relationship is always beautiful.. because we are showing each other what we painted on that wall, all the pretty colors, all the good things we have done and what we want to be and where we want to go, our visions, our believes, what we like to do, how we like to please our partner and try new things, and so on..

That's why later on in a relationship comes the good stuff, when we start showing who we truly are.. (Don't get me wrong it's not that the good stuff isn't part of us it's just that it's not all we have to show and offer).. The wall comes down, no more facade, you open the door and there comes our flaws.. I believe that's when the true test for true love begins.

That's why i believe true love is about accepting, not about wanting what you saw in the beginning, what you saw at first IS part of that person, but it is not ALL that person is, so falling in love only with a facade is not falling in love at all, it is wanting something you think is perfect when the truth is.. no one is perfect.. 

Love each other with facade mode on and wall down mode, virtues and flaws, accept the flaws and love as a whole.. we all deserve to be loved for all that we are..

And ALWAYS respect yourself enough to know you deserve the very best.


Saturday, August 23, 2014


I think most of us would agree that we are sometimes (maybe for some even every time) driven by fear.. It is something we all know and yet it is something so difficult to change.

I see people missing opportunities in life (whether it is professionally, or in their love life, trips, family time and so on) because this "thing" called fear prevents them from accepting a job, giving the guy/girl a chance, getting on a plane, confronting a family member you haven spoken to in a while, and who knows what other things you find as an excuse..

Why do we allow this? do you not notice the things you are missing? do you not think about what might happen (positively) in your life if you do not allow yourself to be driven by fear?

Because i think beautiful things await every person in this world, but lately people are scared of that. 

If you know who or what you wish to be in life then all you have to do is allow yourself the chance to fight for it, setting aside the fear, fight for what you want in life, fight for who you wish to be, who cares about fear? what's the worse that can happen? - You don't get the job? (it wasn't for you, get up and try another one) - Your relationship didn't work out? (at least you tried and you will have no regrets, it's never wasted time, you will find someone that makes your life worth every minute i assure you) - You tried speaking to your dad and he still doesn't want to speak to you? (at least you have him a chance to make amends, and he will regret not giving it a try..not you).

See all we have to do is give ourselves a chance, give our dreams a try.. Sometimes we think we know whats not for us so we just turn our back on it instead of just going for it and seeing what happens.. And sometimes we think we DO know what our destiny is and no matter how much we try it doesn't seem to work out.. Well maybe destiny is trying to reach out to you and it starts giving you new paths that you would dare take.. well i say TAKE THEM, see what happens, don't let yourself be driven by fear.

Never close yourself and your mind in some little box labeled "comfort zone" which sometimes leads you to a simple, lonely, sometimes even sad future. Try something new, try looking outside your little box and see what's out there, the universe will surprise you i assure you, there are so many things out there you haven't seen, haven't experienced, haven't tasted.. why not be driven by curiosity instead?

PS. If you fall down 7 times then you better get up 8 times. Never stay down, never give up.


Tuesday, August 19, 2014


There are certain situations in life that I just can't seem to understand.. Or is it that I don't understand people and their reactions to certain events in life..?

Our minds work in such different ways.. We each have different reactions to certain events, different ideas, different ways of seeing things, perceive colors differently, textures, taste, emotions.. And we all know that.. But even then.. Even knowing this.. We all kind of find ourselves trying to understand someone, everyone, or asking ourselves why the other person doesn't understand us (?); instead of just accepting that we are, in fact, all different.

I would say that's the beauty of it.. being different allows us to experience new things by being surrounded with people that push us to try, some of them push us to the wrong side, but even then you get to learn what is and what isn't for you; and yet i think it's the hardest thing the human being has to learn.. For some reason people find it hard to accept one another, they find it easier to reject than to give something different a chance.. (we should all learn to never judge a book by its cover).

We all find ourselves, in one moment or another, just thinking and asking ourselves questions that seem so easy to answer.. Why did this happen to me? Why did he/she react this way? Why would he say what he did? Why did certain person choose one thing or another, how could someone possibly like this thing or the other.. And the questions seem to go on forever.. There is always a "why?" somewhere running around in our minds. Don't you get tired of that sometimes? Don't you just wish you would stop trying to explain to yourself why certain things happen? I know I do..

Sometimes it seems easier to tell yourself it simply doesn't matter, or "who cares?" (when you know YOU care), but eventually you do learn to accept that there are things that even if you could understand them.. you can't change them, and if there is nothing you can do about it.. Then it's really no use getting stuck in the "whys".

So stop asking yourself why this, why that.. And just give "different" a chance, accept what comes and goes in your life whether you understand it or not, if you can't change something then embrace it.. It will allow you to keep enjoying what is in front of you and what is yet to come.

- E