Saturday, January 3, 2015

play, pause, forward

Isn't it weird how sometimes you feel that time has just stopped? as if you could hit a pause button and decide when to press play..

I wonder.. if we COULD manipulate our time, if we really could press pause and play and go back and forth, what would we do with such power? because I am guessing we would all want to see what happens to us in the future.. the thing is.. if we don't like it what would we do to change it? i mean if we could go forward in time and see that it sucks then we would go back and change what exactly (?)

We never know where our life will take us, what our decisions make of us, who stays and who goes, where we will be. But if we could.. I would say that what ever we see in that glimpse of our future.. we deserved it..

If it is what we do and who we are that defines our future, then simply do better, grow, make changes, smile, be happy, but do it NOW.. the present is the only thing that we can kind of manage; and if it is what we do now that will make us into what we will be tomorrow.. then i'd say start NOW.

Don't be afraid of change and growth as long as it is on that path you wish to be in your future, be what ever you wish to be and do what ever makes you happy.. but i will say this.. the key word is "DO", because believe me when I say that it won't come to you if you just sit around and wait..

Stop laying in bed dreaming and leaving those dreams there.. wake up, get up and DO something to fulfill them..

So go ahead and dream big, smile big and BE big :)

PS.the sky is the limit.


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