Friday, October 17, 2014

Walk the Talk

I often think about the phrase "practice what you preach", don't you have that one person (if not more) in your life that "talks the talk" but doesn't "walk the walk"?.. 

I find this pretty intriguing because usually this person is SO "secure", considers himself so "mature", he believes that he is a person that can speak to others, help others because of his experience.. almost like preaching; and you listen to this person from the outside and you wonder if that person believes what he says (?).. and then you say.. how can this person believe it if he doesn't apply it (?).

How can people sell a product that they don't consume? How can someone miserable talk about happiness? How can you talk to everyone about how beautiful marriage is and a) not be in one, or b) say you will never ever get married..? How can you go everywhere talking about how bad alcohol is for you and then go get drunk every day?
Is it that they don't see themselves in the mirror? Do they not listen to the words they say? is it hypocrisy? 

This makes me wonder every time someone talks to me about happiness, love, family, marriage and so many.. lets say..profound and important topics; I wonder.. is this person talking by experience? or just because he think he knows? I start to question every word, I start to ask myself, is this person really happy or does he just want me to believe he is so his words can have the effect he wishes? 

So many times it has happened that I practically fall in love with a speech, testimony or simple words that I hear from someone I know, and I find them breath tacking and life changing.. just to figure out some time later that that person doesn't even apply what he says, the words I fell in love with meant nothing to him.. and yet they meant so much to me..

I wonder if it would be a bad idea to make a video of that person in one of his speeches and then ask him to watch it every time he doesn't live by his words (?).. I guess it would be annoying since you would constantly be using some kind of version of "I told you so".. But would he then notice and change some things?

But.. I guess what really matters is the effect words cause on you and not on the person that says them.. but yet you kind of wish they had the same effect on them.. I guess that kind of makes me sad.

So if you wish to help others, help yourself first.. Love yourself, be happy with yourself, live the fullest life and i assure you you will love, help and transmit happiness to all around you.. 

Tip of the day: Practice what your preach.


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