Sunday, September 21, 2014


I truly believe we are the makers of our destiny.. Well, maybe not entirely, but we surely are dealt the cards and we get to choose whether or not to play them or change them, we get different paths and chose the one we want to follow.. So we get our options from the universe and we choose which one we would like, so you could say we play the biggest part in our destiny.

Sometimes we believe our lives are just terrible, and that nothing could go worse.. but you see, once again, we are the ones that choose our path, our present and future. You could either lay in your bed and cry about how terrible everything is OR you could just swim back up to the surface and take a new breath (always think about the alternative).

Sometimes things really look crappy but i do like to believe how everything happens for a reason, i do believe we can always make the best out of every sad day, anger, fight, and so on. I do believe it is our choice to stay miserable or look for the silver lining, the bright side, and just put on a smile and go on.

Sometimes we think we know where we will be in 5 years, but the truth is it is only based on what you want today, maybe tomorrow you would like something different and re-evaluate where you want to go, who you want to be. Do we REALLY know where we will be in our future? sometimes we just think we do, and the universe opens complete different doors and we end up doing something completely different then what we expected.

The important part of all this is to always remind ourselves that our time wasn't lost. Just because you worked for something and in the end it didn't work out, doesn't mean that it was all a waste, always look for what you gained in that time and i assure you you WILL find something. You always gain something positive, whether it was experience, growth, new friends, visited new places, did something you thought you would never do, tried something you thought you would never try.. Not all is a loss just because you fell..

All you have to do is get back up, look at the cards, and pick a new play.


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