Saturday, September 20, 2014


I guess that when we meet new people, what we really get to see is a facade.. we show people what we want to show, we create some kind of facade.. a front wall where we paint our qualities and our good side (well because why would we enjoy showing around strangers our problems and fears?), even if they are not strangers, if you don't want to be asked what's wrong all the time then.. facade it is.

So when we look at it that way.. when we meet someone we like, our "love at first sight" or how ever you like to call it, what we fall in love with is actually something that is not, something that that person wants us to see, what that person thinks would be best for you to see, because who would want to show all the bad things right away?

I'm guessing that's why the first part of a relationship is always beautiful.. because we are showing each other what we painted on that wall, all the pretty colors, all the good things we have done and what we want to be and where we want to go, our visions, our believes, what we like to do, how we like to please our partner and try new things, and so on..

That's why later on in a relationship comes the good stuff, when we start showing who we truly are.. (Don't get me wrong it's not that the good stuff isn't part of us it's just that it's not all we have to show and offer).. The wall comes down, no more facade, you open the door and there comes our flaws.. I believe that's when the true test for true love begins.

That's why i believe true love is about accepting, not about wanting what you saw in the beginning, what you saw at first IS part of that person, but it is not ALL that person is, so falling in love only with a facade is not falling in love at all, it is wanting something you think is perfect when the truth is.. no one is perfect.. 

Love each other with facade mode on and wall down mode, virtues and flaws, accept the flaws and love as a whole.. we all deserve to be loved for all that we are..

And ALWAYS respect yourself enough to know you deserve the very best.


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