Saturday, August 23, 2014


I think most of us would agree that we are sometimes (maybe for some even every time) driven by fear.. It is something we all know and yet it is something so difficult to change.

I see people missing opportunities in life (whether it is professionally, or in their love life, trips, family time and so on) because this "thing" called fear prevents them from accepting a job, giving the guy/girl a chance, getting on a plane, confronting a family member you haven spoken to in a while, and who knows what other things you find as an excuse..

Why do we allow this? do you not notice the things you are missing? do you not think about what might happen (positively) in your life if you do not allow yourself to be driven by fear?

Because i think beautiful things await every person in this world, but lately people are scared of that. 

If you know who or what you wish to be in life then all you have to do is allow yourself the chance to fight for it, setting aside the fear, fight for what you want in life, fight for who you wish to be, who cares about fear? what's the worse that can happen? - You don't get the job? (it wasn't for you, get up and try another one) - Your relationship didn't work out? (at least you tried and you will have no regrets, it's never wasted time, you will find someone that makes your life worth every minute i assure you) - You tried speaking to your dad and he still doesn't want to speak to you? (at least you have him a chance to make amends, and he will regret not giving it a try..not you).

See all we have to do is give ourselves a chance, give our dreams a try.. Sometimes we think we know whats not for us so we just turn our back on it instead of just going for it and seeing what happens.. And sometimes we think we DO know what our destiny is and no matter how much we try it doesn't seem to work out.. Well maybe destiny is trying to reach out to you and it starts giving you new paths that you would dare take.. well i say TAKE THEM, see what happens, don't let yourself be driven by fear.

Never close yourself and your mind in some little box labeled "comfort zone" which sometimes leads you to a simple, lonely, sometimes even sad future. Try something new, try looking outside your little box and see what's out there, the universe will surprise you i assure you, there are so many things out there you haven't seen, haven't experienced, haven't tasted.. why not be driven by curiosity instead?

PS. If you fall down 7 times then you better get up 8 times. Never stay down, never give up.


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