Tuesday, August 19, 2014


There are certain situations in life that I just can't seem to understand.. Or is it that I don't understand people and their reactions to certain events in life..?

Our minds work in such different ways.. We each have different reactions to certain events, different ideas, different ways of seeing things, perceive colors differently, textures, taste, emotions.. And we all know that.. But even then.. Even knowing this.. We all kind of find ourselves trying to understand someone, everyone, or asking ourselves why the other person doesn't understand us (?); instead of just accepting that we are, in fact, all different.

I would say that's the beauty of it.. being different allows us to experience new things by being surrounded with people that push us to try, some of them push us to the wrong side, but even then you get to learn what is and what isn't for you; and yet i think it's the hardest thing the human being has to learn.. For some reason people find it hard to accept one another, they find it easier to reject than to give something different a chance.. (we should all learn to never judge a book by its cover).

We all find ourselves, in one moment or another, just thinking and asking ourselves questions that seem so easy to answer.. Why did this happen to me? Why did he/she react this way? Why would he say what he did? Why did certain person choose one thing or another, how could someone possibly like this thing or the other.. And the questions seem to go on forever.. There is always a "why?" somewhere running around in our minds. Don't you get tired of that sometimes? Don't you just wish you would stop trying to explain to yourself why certain things happen? I know I do..

Sometimes it seems easier to tell yourself it simply doesn't matter, or "who cares?" (when you know YOU care), but eventually you do learn to accept that there are things that even if you could understand them.. you can't change them, and if there is nothing you can do about it.. Then it's really no use getting stuck in the "whys".

So stop asking yourself why this, why that.. And just give "different" a chance, accept what comes and goes in your life whether you understand it or not, if you can't change something then embrace it.. It will allow you to keep enjoying what is in front of you and what is yet to come.

- E

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